Posted on 5/9/2019

What is There to Do at the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival?

Vast red rock canyons, towering spruce trees, and rolling valleys are just a few of the magnificent sights you need to see during a visit to Southern Utah's untamed wilderness. Hiking, biking, and driving across the many beautiful landscapes provide you with unparalleled experiences, but there is one untouched frontier that you don't need any adventurer skills to explore. The Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival gives visitors a first-class ticket to view the Southern Utah night sky. Spend you the three days of the festival learning about the study of stars and mapping constellations so you can test your new knowledge when the sun goes down!If you want to find more fun and exciting events, activities, and attractions during your adventure to the southern region of the Beehive State, request access to our free Vacation Guide!

Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival

Rangers in Bryce Canyon National Park provide astronomy programs throughout the year, but there's no experience quite like this three-day event. The Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival gives visitors the unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of astronomy groups, professional astronomers and educators, and knowledgeable park rangers while taking in the pristine night skies of Southern Utah.You can attend workshops featuring activities like solar viewing and rocket building during the day, and then, take a shuttle back to the park at night to learn proper telescope techniques and constellations. For more details on specific happenings, check out the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival site.

Daytime Activities

While a dark, cloudless sky is essential for stargazing, the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival still hosts daytime events. Bring the kids to the park in the afternoon for a miniature-scaled tour of the planetary system. Children ages six and older will love participating in the rocket build and launch workshops, where they'll learn how to construct a rocket. During the day, you can also use specially-equipped telescopes that allow for a safe, up-close look at our sun.

Nighttime Activities

Stargazing during the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival takes places from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. each night of the event. You can hop on the Star Shuttle bus in Bryce Canyon City starting at 8 p.m. These classes are perfect for beginner stargazers as you will learn everything from how to properly use a telescope so you can identify constellations and star patterns.

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