Posted on 8/25/2017

You Need to Try Hiking the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks!

Budding paleontologists, hobbyists, kids and adults alike will love hiking to the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks! On this simple walk, your family will get to enjoy the great outdoors and take a trip back in time to the days when giant reptiles roamed the earth! See actual dinosaur tracks that have been preserved over time, and enjoy imagining the creatures that made them. It's fun for everyone. It's also a great chance to sneak some education into your family trip to Southern Utah!Before you pack up the van and head our way to see the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks, make sure you download a copy of our complimentary Southern Utah Vacation Guide. It contains great suggestions for other fun family events, outdoor activities, restaurants, attractions, and all kinds of things to do in Southern Utah. When you download the Vacation Guide, you'll have everything you need to make memories that your family will cherish for years to come. Check it out, and begin planning your ultimate Southern Utah family trip today!

Hiking to the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks

Hiking to the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks is an experience that is brief but full of fun! About a quarter-mile walk each way, the hike is described as easy. It's a good walk for all ages. Even better, there is no fee to enjoy it!Expect to spend about 30 minutes walking. The short trail leads up to a sandstone floor where you and your family can see authentic dinosaur tracks up close! Paleontologists think that the tracks were made primarily by two species of dinosaur: the carnivorous dilophosaurus, and the smaller megapnosaurus. Theories suggest that the area used to be a common stomping ground for the ancient beasts, perhaps running beside a body of water.

Other Great Hikes in Southern Utah

In addition to the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks, there are also several other great places to hike during your trip to Southern Utah. For example, Bryce Canyon offers some of the best trails and lookout points in the area. See the famous hoodoos from many places around the park, including gorgeous Inspiration Point. The Grand Staircase '" Escalante National Park is generally less crowded, but offers some amazing sights and hiking opportunities as well.

Keep the Fun Going at a Family Time Vacation Rental

Spend the day hiking the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks with your family. You'll be ready for a good night's sleep afterward! Head to a Family Time Vacation Rental for some relaxation, followed by even more fun and family bonding! Our gorgeous, spacious homes provide some of the best places to stay in Southern Utah! Filled with everything you need for a great trip, many Family Time Vacation Rentals are located in close vicinity to some of the most awesome hikes and outdoor activities around, giving you easy access to plenty to enjoy. Bring your immediate family, or rent a larger home for a reunion or extended family trip. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you make memories during your next family getaway! Photo Credit: Getty Images | Focussy
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